Seven Star Tutoring

Seven Star Tutoring is now Tandew

We have taken our experienced team at OSU and combined it with our new team at UO to create: Tandew - On-demand College Tutoring.

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Seven Star Tutoring is now Tandew

We are super excited to be growing and helping college students in Corvallis and Eugene.

Tandew Tutoring Advantages

  • Instant tutoring requests by phone, tablet, or through your computer. Tutors respond quickly, and sessions can be planned for that day.
  • One-on-one peer tutoring. Many of our tutors are fellow students who have taken and excelled in the exact course you’re taking.
  • No delayed billing – Sessions are billed immediately, and you don’t have to handle invoices, checks, or phone transactions.

A few notes

Tandew does not offer K-12 tutoring. Our tutors offer on-campus tutoring in both Corvallis and Eugene, to OSU and UO students, respectively.

Tandew does not have a Bend branch. If you previously worked with one of Seven Star Tutoring’s Bend tutors, feel free to contact your tutor directly for future tutoring assistance.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at Tandew at (541) 286-5181.

We’re really looking forward to this move, and hope you can join us over at Tandew.